The Creation of Tyger Lily Designs & Interiors

Miquel and Alaina were an amazing team even before they had their vision of Tyger Lily and made it come to life in 2017. For years prior, they felt stagnant while working for another company. They were painting cabinets, but their passion and creativity was lacking—they felt that they were just working to pay the bills and nothing exciting was happening. Miquel decided to quit and Alaina wasn’t far behind her.

To their surprise, after they both left the company, clients were contacting them and still hoping to be able to hire them. Alaina was excited and ready to keep painting, but Miquel wasn’t too sure about giving up her newly found freedom and the enjoyment that being stay-at-home mom was bringing her. After some hesitation, a detailed business plan, and a whole lot of guts and faith—Tyger Lily came to life.

When Miquel and Alaina started Tyger Lily their vision was, and still is, to bring passion and creativity to every single job they take on. They agreed that they would always stay committed to leaving clients feeling ecstatic about the way they could transform any space. Tyger Lily has now expanded into a bigger crew of amazingly talented souls that all share the same vision and have a wide variety of expertise to bring to the table. We are a one-stop shop for everything you need!

Meet Our Team


Miquel McCarley

Owner, Licensed General Contractor

Miquel has lived in the Uintah Basin her entire life. In March of 2020, she married David. They became a blended family, having a total of 7 wonderful kids. Miquel loves traveling and finding all sorts of quirky restaurants with the best food and drinks along the way. Her favorite trip was to Seattle with David, where they bought a car for $1500 from a little dealership and road tripped back home. If it’s spontaneous, chances are Miquel will absolutely love it! She loves watching documentaries of any kind, and reading ALL the books that focus on personal or business mindset and growth. She’s also a huge podcast junky and spends everyday learning from them.

In 2017, after Alaina did some convincing, they made the beginning of Tyger Lily come to life. She started as a licensed painting contractor, and has since become a licensed General Contractor who loves running a company that has countless things to offer and brings personalized style into the homes or offices of her clients. Miquel is also certified in lead and asbestos. She is a certified color expert and has had several other color and paint trainings. She is a member of the PCA. She is a fifth generation painter. She is thorough and loves building her client relationships on trust, communication, and consistency. She knows what people expect from Tyger Lily and aims to always go above and beyond. If you want someone to help you brainstorm some ideas that will turn your space into something you will love forever, Miquel is your gal!

Alaina Van Leuven

Co-Owner, Tyger Lily team member

Alaina is a Neola-raised, hardworking farm girl. She moved to Vernal after marrying her husband that she’s now been with for 25+ years. She has 7 children and 10 grandchildren with more on the way. She is the Operations Manager for the Vernal Oilers Junior hockey team, and loves watching her kids and grandkids play sports. She loves riding horses and the feeling of being in the mountains, especially after a rainstorm.

Before Tyger Lily started, Alaina was working for another company with Miquel where she got her painting experience. She also does the shutters for our clients to add some color into that bland space around windows. She has a unique and creative vision that brings functionality to a whole new level. She has shown this time and again with many amazing things she’s done in her own home- from building can organizers in between the studs in her pantry, to transforming an old china hutch into a hider for an appliance in her laundry room. She has a love for an Aztecy boho type of style with a twist of a country feel to it. She can combine different style types together and make it work anywhere!


David McCarley

Craftsman, Miqcarley team member

David is also a life long resident of the Uintah Basin. He has a blended family with a total of 7 kids since getting married to Miquel in March 2020. David loves traveling, which makes Miquel and her love of traveling a perfect fit. He enjoys a good brewery and going wine tasting anytime they travel out of town. One of his favorite trip ideas is when they don’t pack bags and instead buy funny outfits for each other every day during their travels.

David worked in the oilfield for 22 years for his Dad. After his dad passed away, he started his own oil field company, JDM, in his dad’s memory and ran it for 6 years. In 2019 when the oil industry was slow, David decided to shut his company down and focus on spending his days with Miquel to help with the fast growth of Tyger Lily. He helped make it possible for Tyger Lily to offer woodworking, trim packages, feature walls, lighting, plumbing—you name it! He made any idea that Miquel and Alaina would throw at him come to life.

Amos Brown

Tile, Miqcarley team member

Amos was born in Price, Utah and moved around a lot when he was younger. Amos moved to Vernal when got married to his wife in 2017 and they now have two adorable kids. He loves spending time outdoors with family. His biggest hobby is skateboarding, which he has been doing since he was nine years old.

Before our “famous Amos” moved to Vernal, he worked for a traveling flooring company for just over seven years. When he first came to Vernal he found a road construction job, but it wasn’t something he felt passionate about doing. During the layoff season in January 2021, Amos was looking for something to keep him busy until he was able to get back to doing road construction. This is when he had the opportunity to start working for Tyger Lily, and it wasn’t long before he realized it was his dream job and something he wanted to stick with long term. Even before he worked for Tyger Lily, he often talked about wanting to do floors or backsplashes among other things, so joining our team has been the perfect fit that has allowed him to expand into everything he dreamed of being able to do and more. He has a lot of passion and pays close attention to even the smallest details on every job he does.


Tyger Lily Designs is so much more than these 4 experts. We’re so grateful for all the hands it takes to complete each project and are honored to have everyone as part of the team.